Trans activism in Canada : a reader 資料のプレビュー

Trans activism in Canada : a reader

著者: Dan Irving; Rupert Raj
出版社: Toronto : Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., 2014. ©2014
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"Centring the voices and experiences of trans identified people as experts on their own lives and agents of change, Trans Activism in Canada opens up a dialogue between scholars and community members in an effort to improve the lives of sex and gender variant people.
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その他のフォーマット: Trans activism in Canada.:
Toronto : Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., 2014
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Dan Irving; Rupert Raj
ISBN: 9781551305370 1551305372 9781551305387 1551305380 9781551305394 1551305399
言語注記: Text in English.
OCLC No.: 871227833
物理形態: 312 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
コンテンツ: Introduction / Dan Irving and Rupert Raj --
Part I: Transforming Experiences of Oppression into Opportunities for Social Change --
Part IA: Historical Perspectives --
Chapter 1: "We Paved the Way for Whatever Tolerance They Have in Their Lives": An Interview with Michelle De Ville, "The First Door Bitch in Montreal" / Viviane Namaste --
Chapter 2: The Golden Age of Prostitution: One Woman's Personal Account of an Outdoor Brothel in Vancouver, 1975-1984 / Jamie Lee Hamilton --
Chapter 3: Rupert Raj and the Rise of Transsexual Consumer Activism in the 1980s / Nick Matte --
Chapter 4: Gender Strike! It's an Offence / Elizabeth "Raven" James --
Chapter 5: Finding My Place: The High Risk Project Society / Sandy Leo Laframboise --
Part IB: Contemporary Perspectives --
Chapter 6: Two Poems: "My Name is Susan" and "Pause and Reflect" / Susan Gapka --
Chapter 7: When Dad Becomes Mom: The Story of One Mother's Love for Her Children, Parent Alienation, and "Happily Ever After" / Michelle Boyce and Jessica Boyce --
Part II: "Changing the Way We Change": Critical Reflections on Doing Trans Activism --
Part IIA: Individual Approaches --
Chapter 8: A Sense of Place: Expressions of Trans Activism North of Lake Nipissing / Grey Kimber Piitaapan Muldoon (with Dan Irving) --
Chapter 9: Zening the Art of Trans Activism / Rupert Raj --
Chapter 10: Acting Queerly: Ruminations on Being a Queer Lawyer and Activist / barbara findlay --
Chapter 11: Choosing Better than Oppression / Calvin Neufeld --
Part IIB: Community Approaches --
Chapter 12: "What Is Missing in Our Community Is Self-Love." An Interview with Marie-Marcelle Godbout, Founder of L'Aide aux Transsexuel(le)s du Québec / Nora Butler Burke and Viviane Namaste; translated and revised by Natalie Duchesne --
Chapter 13: Trans Access Project: Running the Gauntlet / Kyle Scanlon, Jake Pyne, Dani Araya, Alec Butler, Jazzmine Manalo, Evana Ortigoza, Julissa Penate, Yasmeen Persad, and Kenji Tokawa --
Chapter 14: A Conversation about Art and Activism with Trans and Genderqueer People Labelled with Intellectual Disabilities / Zack Marshall, Marcus Burnette, Sonia Lowton, Rainbow, Romeo Dontae Treshawn Smith, Jay Tiamo, Onyinyechukwu Udegbe, and Tess Vo; illustrations by Elisha Lim --
Chapter 15: Happy Tranny Day / Tien Neo Eamas and Devon MacFarlane --
Part III: Transforming Institutions from the Inside --
Part IIIA: Transformations in Bureaucracy --
Chapter 16: Gender Struggles: Reflections on Trans Liberation, Trade Unionism, and the Limits of Solidarity / Trish Salah --
Chapter 17: Trans in Class: Trans Activism in a Suburban School Board / j wallace --
Chapter 18: A Very Brief Discussion of Social Work and Gender / Treanor Mahood-Greer --
Chapter 19: One Step at a Time: Moving Trans Activism Forward in a Large Bureaucracy / Devon MacFarlane, Lorraine Grieves, and Al Zwiers --
Part IIIB: Transformations in Health --
Chapter 20: Auditioning for Care: Transsexual Men in Ontario Accessing Health Care / Will Rowe --
Chapter 21: Agustine Only Plays with Barbies: A Psychosocial Synthesis of a Case Study / Silvia Tenenbaum --
Chapter 22: Using a Family and Multi-Systems Treatment Approach: Working with Gender-Variant Children / Wallace Wong --
Chapter 23: Sexual Health on Our Own Terms: The Gay, Bi, Queer Trans Men's Working Group / Ayden I. Scheim, Syrus Marcus Ware, Nik Redman, Zack Marshall, and Broden Giambrone --
Chapter 24: Public Health Professionals, Community Researchers, and Community-Based Participatory Action Research: Process and Discovery / Kathy Chow, Jean Clipsham, Cheryl Dobinson, Susan Gapka, Elaine Hampson, Judith A. MacDonnell, and Rupert Raj --
Chapter 25: Advocacy for Gender Diversity in the Contemporary Canadian Nursing Context: A Focus on Ontario / Judith A. MacDonnell and Robin Fern --
Afterword / Viviane Namaste.
責任者: edited by Dan Irving and Rupert Raj.


"Centring the voices and experiences of trans identified people as experts on their own lives and agents of change, Trans Activism in Canada opens up a dialogue between scholars and community members in an effort to improve the lives of sex and gender variant people.

The first of its kind, this anthology brings together activists and allies to examine the various strategies and forms of resistance needed to transform oppression into opportunity for change. Reflecting upon the challenges trans communities face and offering insight into achieving institutional reform, the themes addressed range from poverty and isolation to health care and best practices. Using personal narratives, archival material, and qualitative research, as well as case- and community-based research, this text demonstrates the leading role of trans and two-spirit activists in generating social change. By drawing on feminist, anti-racist, and social justice frameworks, the contributors approach oppression and activism as inseparable from hetero-patriarchal, colonialist, and capitalist power relations."--Pub. desc.

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